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Dana’s Perspective is a place where I (Dana) write about my views on life in this world and subjects within our society that reflect my family and I.
These are my thoughts, my words, my opinions, my perspective.
This is, also, not my first rodeo therefore, I feel the need to point out a few things;

  • This is MY site! Respect it!!
  • All resources are personally known and/or experienced by me (Dana) unless otherwise stated.
  • This is NOT a place for free advertisement!!
  • Wanna link? Ask me first
  • Wanna copy and paste? I THINK NOT!! (Besides it’s illegal)
  • Understand, I don’t always speak words of wisdom yet I do speak from the heart however, you will not always like what you read.
  • I don’t apologize for my feelings nor will I reinterpret them to make you feel better.

One can only relate to my perspective or not at all…..there is no in between, and that’s okay.

I LOVE Comments!!

And would love to hear your thoughts regarding the topics I discuss.
However the blogosphere can become overloaded with spam,
therefore I reserve the right to delete
ANY comments and moderate ALL comment threads,
as I see fit.

Your comment is more than likely to be deleted if;

  • it contains spam
  • it is completely unrelated to the topic at hand
  • it is a personal attack or threat toward another commenter and/or ME
  • it contains major grammar/spelling issues
  • it’s obviously made through a bogus account


If you DON’T LIKE the post, DON’T COMMENT on it

It’s as simple as that 


**This comment policy is valid for all discussions hosted by Dana’s Perspective to include ALL Dana’s Perspective Public and Personal Feeds.**