Who Is Dana

A 22 year old woman stuck in a 30 something year old body that keeps getting older wiser each day.

I contain many characteristics in one beautiful package…..a true Sagittarius!

Only a few are competent enough to experience my fragile personality while others are astonished by my unique versatility.

I am an introvert extrovert….though I have never been the life of the party

I often hear songs in my head and burst out into sing alongs at any given time.

I wouldn’t necessarily say the I have “hallucinations”, however.………in all my years I have learned that biting your tongue can really hurt therefore I’d rather imagine your head bursting into confetti……..hence the Ally McBeal description.

I would stay in my Pajamas all day if I could and flip flops are my favorite kicks.

I Love redecorating/rearranging rooms in my house…..it keeps me on track in pursuing a minimalist lifestyle and my hubs aware of his surroundings.

I am training little men to be Godly soldiers and release the dogs at all hours of the night.

I am not the woman I once was nor am I living the life I ever dreamed of……..It’s even better than I could have imagined.

A few subjects I write about

My life with breast cancer

I learned to live like I was dying, LITERALLY. Read all about my struggles with the bad, the ugly and all of the silver linings.

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Our life as a T1 family

A T1 diagnosis changes your entire life style from not just the way you live but the way your view life. Read about our journey and how we survive.

Read all about it

The FireWife Life

I am not just a FireWife because he is not just a Fireman, yet his career does come with a different set of adventures than most marriages do.

Read all about it

Minimalist lifestyle

I travel this journey everyday and still end up with clutter, Im not sure how this keeps happening but I do know less is my goal and one day I will figure it out.

Read all about it

About My Blog

This blog is about my (Dana) perspective on life issues that effect my family and I.

I have been a blogger for years and have found that 1 critic affects me more than I preach it not to therefore after a lot of Prayer and Meditation I made the hard and complicated decision of making this blog private.

It was a decision I did not take lightly because it is a blog, on the internet and we all know how “private” the internet can be….

There is so much I want to share with so many because I have learned so much from others and I know that our journeys will help someone else. Yet there are some that don’t deserve to know, right now. Therefore I am keeping it private and will only share it with the ones that are deserving and truly interested in knowing what life is like for our family throughout our seasons.

Though I might change my mind in the future…..right now this is what is best for my family and I.

If you are truly interested in what our seasons are like and especially if you have been praying over us or keeping us in your thoughts become an insider.